Your Path to Wellness

The following is a general overview of the course to be charted upon your entry into the service.


Evaluation of current state – Client needs discovery:

  • Diagnosis (preexisting, or need to acquire one)
  • Symptoms- how they’re adversely affecting well being
  • Medication (if any)
  • Known triggers and possible remediation
  • End goals
  • Health insurance
  • Decide on course of action/set intervals for reevaluation
  • Commitment to course of action and regular reevaluation


Chart course of action – Client needs fulfillment:

  • Obtain diagnosis (if needed)
  • Designate applicable resources
  • Make initial (or continuing) psychologist and/or psychiatrist appointments
  • Apply applicable supplemental tools and resources


Regular Reevaluation – Client needs maintenance:

  • Post-treatment effectiveness evaluation check in
  • Reevaluate current state and end goals
  • Alter course of action if needed
  • Continue with treatment and supplemental implementations