Who am I, what am I doing here, and why am I writing this blog? I’m just a girl who’s been to hell and back with mental illness. I’ve seen some shit. All my own shit, some of other people’s, but namely my own. I wouldn’t say it was “luck” per se, but I consider myself lucky enough to have made it back to the other side of life. I’d attribute it to grit, and strength of spirit. Personally innate characteristics that I am lucky to have, but that’s a topic I’ll save for later. I always stood by my own mantra of “I have mental illness, mental illness does not have me“. Although it very much did at one point, and that’s why I’m here.

I’m not interested in writing a masterfully eloquent blog. My posts likely won’t even follow a relatively chronological order. This is meant to get the word out about my project, share my experience with the utmost transparency, and namely to help give people hope.

My hope is that what you see below can help you to feel like there is someone out there who knows what you’re going through, and wants to make wellness an easily accessable reality. Who else is better equipped to help those in need than one who’s shared a similar journey?

What it’s about (short & long-term): Building a non-profit mental health social work-style service on steroids made of hope and compassion, open to all walks of life. It’s purpose is to help people acquire, navigate and stick with mental health care, and bridge the gap between all local county and community mental healthcare resources, both public and private. Eventually I’d like to go to membership style service for those who can afford it and have membership subsidized for those lacking financial resources, as well as obtain contracts with local healthcare institutions, and possibly health insurance providers. Additionally I’d like to advocate publicly, governmentally, and within the healthcare system. Eventually I want to franchise it to all major cities in the country. 

•My purpose here & now: To get the word out about my project. Find 2-3 clients locally to begin working with, make contacts: investors, social entrepreneurs, mentors, private and public health care workers to help me scale and define my project, enlist my brain trust. Instill hope, educate, reduce stigma, advocate.

Problem I can solve: Keeping people from slipping through the cracks of a broken healthcare system with no real correlation of community resources or sufficient case management. The path to proper meds and therapy is very trial and error, causing people to feel like lab rats creating a massive attrition rate in mental health care. Focusing on the individual course, as no two journeys are alike.

How I can solve it:  Correlating resources to create a condition-specific roadmap for individuals by aiding them in navigating both public and private healthcare resources, with comprehensive case management ensuring continuous care and proper provisional tools. Utimately resulting in rehabilitation back to full, productive lives, simultaneously instilling hope, health, and quality of life. Success looks like people having the power to take charge of their own wellbeing in a broken system.

Why/My story: I spent my entire 20’s blindly navigating the mental healthhcare system while battling depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I’ve acquired the skills and tools on how to bend the system and get on a proper path of wellness to get my life back. I’d be remiss to not share what I’ve worked so hard to learn.

More on these individual topics later. Peace, love, and wellness to all.

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